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Being investigated for tax evasion is frightening and possibly life-changing. Taxpayers who are found guilty may face prison time, expensive fines and other penalties. If you have learned that you are the subject of an investigation, get the help of an Indiana tax evasion attorney right away. Jerry E. Smith is an experienced tax evasion lawyer who has helped numerous individuals resolve their difficult tax problems. He understands the intricacies of federal and Indiana state tax laws and the type of evidence tax authorities must have to prove evasion. He will work hard to influence the investigation on your behalf or, if you have been charged, disprove accusations against you.

If you are being investigated by tax authorities from the Internal Revenue Service or the Indiana Department of Revenue, contact us today to arrange a free consultation. Call us at (317) 917-8680 or reach out online. Do not wait if you are the target of an IRS or state tax evasion investigation. Get quality legal help to resolve your tax problem.

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Why Choose Our Tax Evasion Lawyer?

Our tax evasion lawyer Jerry E. Smith is both a dedicated tax attorney and a knowledgeable Certified Public Accountant. He has years of experience in both of these professional areas and puts his strong legal and accounting skills to work on every tax issue that he handles for clients. Because he is a tax attorney in addition to being a CPA, he can represent you in front of tax authorities throughout the investigative process and stand up for your legal rights in the court of law should you face prosecution. Another benefit to choosing a tax attorney to resolve your tax problem is that you will be provided attorney-client privilege, keeping your personal information private from tax agencies, which you would not get if you worked only with a CPA or other non-lawyer.

If you have not paid taxes in several years, having the confidentiality that working with a lawyer provides may be in your best interests. Plus, with our tax evasion attorney, you have the added benefit of his accounting knowledge. This combination of proficiencies may make the difference in the challenging and complex tax problem you are facing. Contact our tax evasion lawyer for top-quality representation.

IRS and State Tax Evasion Penalties Are Harsh

There are two types of tax evasion under federal law. They are evasion of assessment, which most commonly involves filing a false return that leaves off income or claims deductions to which the taxpayer is not entitled. Evasion of payment is when a tax has been assessed and the taxpayer hides assets that could be used to pay the tax debt. In either case, the penalties for taxpayers who are found guilty of tax evasion crimes can be harsh.

Federal and state tax evasion consequences are severe and may include jail time and expensive fines. Get the help of a hardworking tax attorney who will fight for the best outcome possible.

If you are an individual who is found guilty of tax evasion under federal law, you could be imprisoned for up to five years and made to pay a fine of up to $100,000 for each charge. You could also be forced to pay your own prosecution costs. In Indiana, tax evaders may also face significant jail time and hefty fines.

The numbers exemplify how severely the government treats convicted tax evasion offenders. United States Sentencing Commission statistics show that nearly two-thirds of tax evasion offenders who are convicted each year are sentenced to jail or prison time. The average sentence is 16 months behind bars. But to be found guilty of tax evasion, intent to evade paying taxes that were owed must be proven.

Intent to Evade Paying Taxes Must Be Proven

Tax authorities need to clearly show the following, among other things, when investigating and making a case of tax evasion:

  • That a taxpayer knew they were required to file tax returns but failed to do so
  • That a taxpayer knew their return or returns over the years were fraudulent, but signed anyway.

In some cases, people are simply negligent or make errors in filling out tax returns. Making mistakes is not a crime, but could still trigger an invasive tax evasion investigation. Our lawyer will examine the evidence the IRS and/or state has against you and counsel you about possible defense options to get the most satisfactory result for your situation.

Our Indiana Tax Evasion Lawyer Advocates for Taxpayers

When you are accused of tax evasion, our experienced lawyer and CPA will strongly advocate to get you the best outcome based on your individual circumstances. But you should not wait if you have learned you are being investigated. The sooner you get legal assistance, the sooner our attorney can represent your interests with tax authorities throughout the steps in the investigative process.

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Our Tax Evasion Lawyer Answers FAQs

Following are answers to common questions about tax evasion. If you have concerns that are specific to your individual tax situation, reach out directly to our Indiana tax evasion lawyer.

The tax evasion definition from the IRS says “evasion involves some affirmative act to evade or defeat a tax, or payment of tax.” Some examples of tax evasion include intentionally understating income or overstating deductions, claiming improper exemptions or credits, concealing assets, or not filing tax returns in an effort to avoid paying taxes.

Tax evasion is always a criminal act, so the answer to the question “Is tax evasion a felony crime?” is “yes.” Tax evasion is a felony that can result in severe consequences. If you are being investigated for tax evasion, contact our experienced Indiana attorney for help by dialing (317) 917-8680.

Tax avoidance is not a crime. It involves using legal ways to reduce or avoid taxes, such as taking legitimate deductions or credits allowed by federal or state tax laws. Tax evasion is when people intentionally conceal or misrepresent their earnings, deductions or other situations in order to not pay taxes or to pay less in taxes.

The federal government generally has a three-year statute of limitations for investigating tax liabilities. However, if income is underreported by 25 percent or more or there are other signs of fraud, then the timeline is usually six years from the date of filing the allegedly fraudulent return. In Indiana, the general deadline is also three years, unless a return appears fraudulent or is not filed.

Our Indiana tax evasion attorney Jerry E. Smith knows that tax problems are stressful and confusing. He will work to prove that you did not act intentionally or will otherwise provide the most appropriate legal representation based on your situation. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation.

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Understanding the Tax Evasion Investigation Process

A tax evasion investigation is considered a criminal investigation. These investigations usually begin following tax audits. If auditors do not believe a taxpayer is on the up-and-up and suspect taxpayer misconduct, they may initiate an investigation. Investigations may be carried out by the criminal investigations unit of the IRS or by state tax investigators in Indiana.

How do you learn that you are being investigated? You may not find out until you are charged with a crime. Or you could learn during the investigative process from someone who has been contacted by investigators, such as your tax preparer, family member, work associate or other individual. In addition to your being investigated for tax evasion, you may find that you face related charges. If you are in need of a tax fraud defense lawyer, you can count on Jerry Smith to provide you skilled and knowledgeable legal guidance.

There Are Multiple Levels of Review in Which an Attorney Can Influence Your Case

If you discover you are being investigated, reach out to our tax evasion attorney right away. There are different levels of review during the investigative process, and our diligent attorney may be able to stop or influence the case against you before it is referred for criminal prosecution.

If prosecution is recommended by the investigating agent, there are more levels of review before it is decided that prosecution is appropriate. The numerous review levels often work to the benefit of taxpayers, because there are several stages where the decision to prosecute can be influenced with the help of an effective Indiana tax evasion attorney. This is true both at the federal level and at the state level.

How Long Does it Take to Investigate Tax Evasion?

How long a tax evasion investigation takes depends upon the complexity of the case and all the circumstances involved. Typically, an investigation with years of potentially fraudulent returns or unfiled returns would take longer than one with fewer years of issues. In any case, investigators will take the time they need to perform a careful investigation as they seek to discover whether evasion occurred and build a strong criminal case. It could take a year or more to investigate tax evasion, again depending upon the circumstances.

Have you discovered you are under investigation? Reach out to effective tax evasion attorney Jerry E. Smith today online or by calling (317) 917-8680. We provide free consultations.

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    Let Our Indiana Tax Evasion Lawyer Help You

    Being investigated for a crime like tax evasion is an unsettling feeling. You do not know what the future will hold and worry about what will happen to your reputation, career and family relationships should you be prosecuted and convicted. Our Indiana tax evasion attorney has helped many other people with serious tax problems achieve debt resolutions. He will examine your situation and work to get you the best possible outcome. Because he is a tax attorney and CPA, you are entitled to attorney-client privilege, which means your information is private; this would not be the case if you worked only with a CPA or enrolled agent. Contact Jerry E. Smith to arrange a free consultation and get on the path to effective legal help. He can be reached online or by calling (317) 917-8680 today.