Indianapolis Tax Lawyer

Do you need an Indianapolis tax lawyer to help relieve your burden?

Tax issues, whether with the City of Indianapolis, State of Indiana, or the IRS, can be complicated and not something to handle without a tax attorney. Tax codes frequently change, but one thing remains the same. Jerry E. Smith will help you understand the tax laws and rules so together we can find the best solution for you.

It’s best to be proactive and prevent problems from happening, but we can address any tax issues you or your business face. Because of Jerry E. Smith’s experience as a CPA and tax attorney, he can provide you with confidential legal counsel and representation that may make all the difference with the challenges you face.


Why Hire a Tax Attorney Who’s Also a CPA?

Most Tax Lawyers are Not CPAs

Jerry E. Smith has the unique background of being both a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and a lawyer, so he understands the intricacies of the tax environment better than many who are CPAs or lawyers. For more than a decade Jerry E. Smith has worked with individuals and businesses to help them improve their financial situations, and he can help you, too.

Contact him to evaluate your options and choose the right path forward that meets your needs and goals.

Why Not Just Use a CPA?

A CPA Cannot Represent You in a Court of Law

Most CPAs focus on providing tax preparation or consulting services. They help you plan before tax issues arise. A CPA is also great at helping those with specific needs that are unlikely to develop any complicated tax issues.

A tax lawyer helps with more complex issues and can be hired before problems arise or after. Tax attorneys provide legal representation before taxing authorities and agencies and in court and other legal processes. Indianapolis tax attorney Jerry E. Smith can also negotiate tax disputes for you and your business so they can be resolved faster and with acceptable outcomes.

There is no client-CPA privilege in court, but there is an attorney-client privilege. When you work with a CPA, they could potentially testify against you. Whatever you said or discussed with your CPA may be fair game in a courtroom and might be used as evidence against you.

That’s not the case when an Indianapolis tax attorney represents you. Communications with your attorney covering your case, even before you retain their services, are not admissible as evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Representation in Tax Matters

Taxes are Complicated. Working With a CPA Tax Attorney Is Not.

You may have many questions about tax attorneys. If you don’t find answers, call our office and we’ll be happy to discuss any issue.

  1. What does a tax attorney do?
    Tax attorneys specialize in tax law. They assist clients in organizing their financial resources to limit their taxes, obey tax rules and handle disagreements with tax authorities through interacting with them and through negotiation and litigation.
  2. Are tax attorneys worth it?
    Depending on the issue, you may spend far more on back taxes, interest, and penalties without an attorney’s help. When a tax attorney handles the situation, you spend your time on other things, like living your life or running your business.
  3. What are the responsibilities of a tax attorney?
    Tax attorneys need to keep up to date with the latest taxes, rulings, court decisions, and tax laws. They advise clients on how to legally limit their tax exposure, communicate with tax authorities on their clients’ behalf, negotiate resolution of disputes, and represent clients in litigation.
  4. Do CPAs know tax law?
    A good CPA should be familiar with tax laws, but the average CPA probably doesn’t know them as well as a tax attorney. A CPA who’s not an attorney can’t represent a client in a legal matter and may be required to give testimony about a client during the client’s trial.

Why Should I Hire CPA Tax Attorney Jerry E. Smith?

He Cares About and Respects His Clients. Jerry E. Smith Makes a Difference in His Clients’ Cases.

Jerry E. Smith, because he’s a CPA and an attorney, has special skills. He can negotiate with tax authorities, but he can also fight for your rights in court and when dealing with bureaucracies if a solution can’t be reached. Since he knows the law, others can’t bluff him into retreating.

While CPAs rely on books about tax law, tax lawyers use those books and the tax code, regulations, and rules. Jerry E. Smith can read and understand these primary sources as well as court decisions that interpret them. Your situation may not fit neatly into a tax rule, statute, or prior court ruling. Thanks to his education and experience, Jerry E. Smith can analyze your facts and argue how a tax applies in your circumstances.

Tax lawyers are ethically obligated to advocate zealously, professionally, and intelligently for their clients, whether that’s in court or on the telephone negotiating a resolution. We will disagree and argue why the tax agency is wrong and that it should see things your way.

CPA tax attorney Jerry E. Smith knows the law and the process and procedures at tax agencies and in court. Without following these rules, you may be unable to present your case, no matter how right you are.

Critically important parts of tax law include knowing what can and cannot be used as evidence against you and the process needed to introduce it in court. A tax attorney also must know when and why to object to and possibly prevent the use of evidence against you.

When Should I Hire Tax Lawyer Jerry E. Smith?

Are You Facing Serious Issues You Shouldn’t Handle By Yourself?
In everyday matters, you should be able to get by relying on your tax professional. But you should get our help if it appears these issues will be a problem or you’re facing them right now:

  • Audit: The IRS will start with an initial interview and ask you and your CPA many questions. The answers determine what happens next. Many referrals for criminal investigation start with interviews. If CPA tax attorney Jerry E. Smith is present, you can consult with him on how you should respond, and he will prevent you from answering questions that are out of bounds.
  • You need help communicating and negotiating with a tax authority: Tax problems are very stressful. You may not think straight, you don’t know the tax code, and you’re not familiar with how tax enforcement works. This can be a recipe for disaster if you say or write something that implicates you. When an attorney does the talking and communicating, that’s something you need not worry about. Jerry E. Smith negotiates one issue or another for nearly every client. That’s a level of experience you lack.
  • You’re told you owe a significant tax debt: Whether it’s the City of Indianapolis, the State of Indiana, or the IRS, mistakes happen. It can be due to human error or an outdated computer system. If you’re told you owe back taxes, interest, and penalties, don’t assume that’s correct. Get our help so we can resolve this issue as quickly and with the least impact as possible.

Is Hiring Tax Debt Lawyer Jerry E. Smith Expensive?

We can meet for a free consultation to talk about the issue and provide you with a cost estimate. Don’t let cost deter you from contacting us. Many factors determine how much we’ll charge to resolve the challenge you face, so it may be less costly than you think.

Jerry E. Smith can help you and your business with a wide range of issues. The more complex, the more time it will take and the more expensive our services will be. Crafting a simple payment plan will likely be less expensive than a full audit defense. Some issues may take only a few days or weeks, while others could take substantially longer.

A better question may be, what’s the cost of not hiring tax debt lawyer Jerry E. Smith? Without effectively handling the issue and without an experienced attorney protecting your rights and interests, what will the outcome cost you? How much in interest and penalties may you pay? How much time and effort will you need to spend resolving this? Depending on the tax issue, you may face criminal penalties. What’s it worth to avoid criminal prosecution and conviction?

What Is Tax Resolution?

It’s the Process of Working with the IRS to Solve Your Tax Problems.

While failure to pay taxes is a common problem, it is not the only one taxpayers face. Here are some other issues a tax attorney can help you with:

  • Audit Representation – Getting a notification from the IRS that you are being audited is a scary experience. There are many reasons for an IRS or Indiana audit, but no matter the cause, you don’t have to navigate this tricky situation alone. Just because you’re selected for an audit doesn’t mean you did something wrong. A tax lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and the outcome is fair and reasonable.
  • Back Taxes – Significant debts can accrue with back taxes and penalties. They may be too large to pay at one time. Fortunately, you may use a payment plan to assist you in catching up. A tax lawyer can help ensure that your debt computation is accurate and help develop a practical plan that you can pay.
  • Non-Collectible Debt – This IRS classification for your debt means the agency doesn’t think you can pay it because of a hardship. It means that you need not need choose between buying groceries or paying rent and paying the IRS. If the agency categorizes your debt as Currently Not Collectible, they will stop trying to collect it from you.
  • Bankruptcy – The best option may be to file for bankruptcy. There are different chapters of bankruptcy protection. We can help you decide whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you and which type makes the most sense.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief – You may be affected if your spouse has tax problems. People are responsible for taxes for individual income or self-employment taxes. If you are impacted by actions by your spouse, such as improperly claiming deductions, you may be eligible for relief.
  • Offer in Compromise Program – The IRS has a program to help you get caught up on your taxes, the Offer in Compromise Program. With our help, a reasonable payment may get you back to square one with the IRS, not perpetually trying to catch up.
  • Business Taxes – If a business fails to pay taxes on its employees’ behalf, the IRS can take action against them. The same goes for sales tax or business income tax. It can cause costly penalties a business should do all it can to avoid. Taxes can be a high cost to a company, and Jerry E. Smith is here to help.
  • Tax Appeals – When you disagree with a decision of the IRS, you have the right to appeal. This may be the right route to take, but not if you can’t repay your debt. There are other, better solutions to that problem.
  • Tax Liens – When you owe money to the IRS or the state, they can put a lien against property you own, such as your house or car. To help avoid the loss of that property, the lien must be removed by dealing with the tax debt. A tax attorney can help you prevent foreclosure or the loss of your property.
  • Tax Penalty Relief – If you try to comply with the tax rules, you may be eligible for tax penalty relief, so the IRS will waive interest and fees assessed to you.
  • Transcript Errors – Tax departments make mistakes. You can request a copy of your tax transcript to analyze its accuracy. If any errors are found, it may be a good idea to file an official appeal to protest the IRS actions against you.
  • Unfiled Returns – Life events can sometimes get in the way of timely filing your tax returns. If you do not file your return, the IRS will often guess what you owe based on historical information. A tax lawyer can help you get caught up and create a future tax plan.
  • Wage Garnishments – The government can garnish your wages to collect a tax debt. A portion of your paycheck is sent to the government to pay it. If it’s too much, it will affect your ability to provide for yourself and your family. A tax lawyer can help you avoid wage garnishments or get them removed by creating a tax plan you can afford.

Tax debt lawyer Jerry E. Smith will help you find the best solution possible to the tax problem facing you or your business.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Jerry E. Smith can help ensure you understand your rights and that they’re not infringed upon. Whatever the issue, he will work with you so the outcome is fair. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights outlines what you should expect from the IRS. Jerry E. Smith will ensure your rights are not ignored or infringed upon. This includes the right to:

  • Be informed
  • Receive quality service
  • Pay no more than the correct amount of tax
  • Challenge the IRS’s position and be heard
  • Appeal an IRS decision in an independent forum
  • Finality
  • Privacy
  • Confidentiality
  • Retain representation
  • A fair and just tax system.

Four-Step Process of Working with Indianapolis Tax Lawyer Jerry E. Smith

Although each client and their situation is unique, we take the same approach to help all those who retain our services:

  • Analysis – Before any decisions are made, it is crucial to understand all the facts about your case. We will discuss the issues you are facing to uncover all of the necessary information that could lead to different outcomes.
  • Diagnosis – We will thoroughly review the information we have gathered to understand the problem we are trying to solve. While at first this may seem straightforward, there are sometimes underlying issues that need to be addressed.
  • Strategy – Once we understand your needs, we can begin to formulate solutions for those problems.
  • Resolution – There may be multiple paths forward, and we can help you understand your options. Once you have decided what makes the most sense, we can help you implement that strategy and get you on the path to a better financial future.

This is the system we use to make sure our clients’ needs are met.

Tax Resolution for Businesses

We offer services to help both individuals and businesses. Businesses can face many tax problems, including payroll taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes. Tax debt lawyer Jerry E. Smith can help your business gain control over its tax problems by analyzing your unique situation and developing a plan of action.

Tax Fraud – Criminal Charges and Jail/Prison

Only the most severe tax matters could lead to criminal charges. If the IRS is investigating you, then you need an attorney. If you have done something that could lead to criminal charges, you also need to hire an attorney even if there’s no investigation yet. Don’t take tax fraud lightly. Criminal charges can have serious consequences that can lead to fines and incarceration.

The most common types of tax fraud are:

  • Failure to pay income taxes (tax evasion)
  • Making false tax claims
  • Refund fraud
  • Abusive tax schemes
  • Payroll fraud.

You Can Trust Tax Lawyer Jerry E. Smith to Help You, Your Family, and Your Business

Contact us today to learn about your options and how we can help. You can have a free consultation so we can talk about what’s going on and discuss your concerns and goals; then you can decide if hiring us is right for you. Take the first step and call Jerry E. Smith at (317) 917-8680 today.

Attorney Jerry E. Smith

Attorney & CPA Jerry E. Smith practices bankruptcy law and tax resolution. Smith’s practice focuses on representing consumer debtors and assisting them in getting a fresh start by reorganizing or eliminating their debt and attempting to put them in the best financial position possible. Mr. Smith has been practicing law since March 1, 2009. Before that, he was and still is a real estate investor. He also previously worked as a Cost Accountant, Financial Analyst, and Internal Auditor for two large multi-billion-dollar international consumer product companies. [ Attorney Bio ]

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