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How long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report?

When debt becomes overwhelming and you’re considering your options about what to do next, bankruptcy may be a solution. But you could be asking yourself, “how long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report?” It is true that bankruptcy will significantly impact and lower your credit score. How great the drop in your score could be depends on several factors. The important thing to keep in mind is that completing a bankruptcy gives you a fresh start, which means you can begin rebuilding [...]

Statute of Limitations on Debt in Indiana

The statute of limitations on debt in Indiana varies, depending on the kind of debt it is. For example, car loan debt has a 4-year statute of limitations, whereas state tax debt has a 10-year statute of limitations. Many other debts have a 6-year statute of limitations in Indiana. A “statute of limitations” refers to the amount of time a creditor has to file a lawsuit to collect an unpaid debt. Even though the statute of limitations on a debt has passed, you should still proceed cautio [...]

Indiana Bankruptcy Exemptions

State and federal bankruptcy exemptions are designed to help you protect some property when you are going through the bankruptcy process. In Indiana, most people can protect some assets through exemptions, depending on what they own, their level of income and which bankruptcy chapter they file under. Some individuals can exempt everything they own, while others may have to sell some assets to pay creditors. For the most part, you can exempt items you need to maintain a job and household.&nb [...]

How to Declare Bankruptcy on Credit Cards

Credit card debt can build up quickly until you feel overwhelmed and struggle to make even minimum monthly payments. Interest charges and late fees make the situation worse. Sometimes it’s important to pause and look at your other options. If you’re wondering how to declare bankruptcy on credit cards, there are some simple steps to follow, depending on your circumstances. The first thing you want to do is hire an affordable and skilled bankruptcy la [...]